One of the reasons we want to make a household inventory is in case of a death. We will already have all of our items listed and a price for our loved ones to know what we have. This also protects against creditors for us to know what we own and what we owe on.

One of the first steps in the sale of an estate or dividing property is an itemized household form. If you have already filled one of these out you are ahead one step. We want to make it as easy as possible for our loved ones after we have passed on.

As you do your inventory it is best to determine things of worth and things of special meaning. To determine things of worth make sure you look it up on a website like Ebay. You can compare an item that you have to one on there to determine what it is worth. Take a picture and add the value at the bottom. If it is of special meaning be sure to add a story or your memory to the picture for your loved ones.

We don't like to dwell on the future like this too much but it is always better to be prepared.

Household Inventory Form
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