Here it is folks… the definitive top 20 reasons for life insurance. (some of them aren’t serious, but maybe a little funny)  Eat your heart out Letterman!

  1. In case you die
  2. In case a spouse dies
  3. In case a child dies
  4. In case you’re immortal, like a vampire or something
  5. If you own a business
  6. If you have a business partner
  7. If you might get cancer
  8. If you don’t think you need life insurance
  9. If you know what a buy-sell agreement is
  10. If you are inheriting a business
  11. If you are ever planning on retiring
  12. If you’re tired of losing money in the stock market
  13. If you need to ever stay in a long term care facility
  14. If you have debt
  15. If you love your kids
  16. If you believe in smurfs( ‘cause Gargamel is real!)
  17. If you’re a terrorist (our guys are coming for ya!)
  18. If you’re not dead yet (preferably not very close yet either)
  19. If you eat lots of bacon
  20. If you read this whole list