Reports show that less than a third of couples who plan a wedding that costs more than $10,000 save more than a couple of thousand dollars toward paying for it. Yet Weddings today can cost an average of $20,000 or more for the reception hall, caterer, flowers, decorations, Wedding gown, Rings, and don't forget the honeymoon. So how do you pay for all this extravagance?

1- Save for your wedding. Certificates of Deposits ( CDs) offer one option for short-term savings that offers higher returns on the initial investment. Having a regular savings plan to save as much unrestricted income as possible in the months preceding your wedding can help you to accumulate as little debt as possible. Saving coins and $1 bills in the months leading up to your wedding can add up too, perhaps contributing a decent down payment toward the honeymoon.

2- Talk to a representative at your financial institution. Many banks offer free advice to couples about budgeting, savings and purchasing a home. Inquire about a home equity loan to help cover wedding expenses. For engaged couples who may already own a home either individually or together, a home equity loan provides a flexible option for financing along with low interest rates.

3- Set a Realistic Budget. Be careful of hidden costs. Don't make the mistake of going over budget. Be prepared as a couple to compromise on many of the details. Consider using a combination of savings, paying out-of-pocket, home equity and credit cards to finance the cost.

4- Pay as you go in order not to incur debt. Even if you don't have a lot of excess cash, you can pay off many of the bills related to a wedding beforehand. Most vendors require a 50 percent deposit at the time that you place the order. this gets you halfway there from the start. And Remember, all cost are negotiable.

Don't just go to some goofy seminar... take the time to really plan for your retirement!
Most of us have a natural tendency to think of retirement planning as something that we don't need to really worry about until we are in our 50's.  Even though most of us realize that we should be preparing for it NOW, we are usually very passive about it and allow retirement planning to take a backseat to our other priorities.

However, allow me to point out a few staggering numbers that might ignite your urgency if you are in your 30's or 40's, or even younger.  

If a 45 year old female starts a life insurance policy funded as a retirement plan at $300 monthly, she would be projected to have $125,711 in her retirement account after paying in $75,600 at age 66, along with a death benefit all along the way of $250,000.  This would allow her to take out $14,464 annually in tax free income beginning at age 66.  

In contrast, another female at age 35, with the same contributions and death benefit, would be projected to have $266,726 in her account at age 66 after paying in $80,511, allowing for a tax free annual income of $31,283!!

As you can see, timing is everything in retirement planning!  The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, but the second best time is today!  Please contact us today for a free consultation at info@prospersbs.com or call 855-876-5252

    Don't wait any longer!


Most people don't realize that there are ways out there to save you money on your prescriptions without having to pay a ton for coverage. Here are 5 Ways in which you can save money.

1. Ask about Generic options

In most cases there is a Generic medication to go with the Name brand. This can save you lots on your prescriptions. Over 80% of drugs have cheaper Generic form.  If it is a new drug you may have to wait at least 6 months for a Generic to come out, But do ask after you have been on it for awhile.

2. Look into Splitting Higher-Dose Pills

Pill splitting is based on the fact that many pills cost about the same even if they contain twice as much medication. Make sure to ask your physician if it is safe to split your medication and save.

3. Talk Openly with your Physician

Your Physician doesn't always know the costs and/or your healthcare plan. Make sure that you share the costs (if you know them...) and your healthcare plan with him/her so they can help prescribe which prescription is going to be best for you and your wallet.

4. Shop Around

Pharmacies don't all charge the same for prescriptions. Ask a few pharmacies and talk to your local one about  the best price that you have found. Negotiate your price. Pharmacies want your business and want to keep you as a patient.

5. Look into Assistance Programs

Many if not all pharmaceutical companies provide their drugs at discounted prices and sometimes free. Check their websites or contact them directly.  We have included one to help!  It is Prescriptions United.  Use the code on the flier below and receive 10% off your already discounted order!!!  (30-60%)

Discount Code: PPU-1048-1000

I know that we all want and need to save money where we can. I hope that this helps us all out.

Prescriptions United
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Josie Christensen

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Boston's Gourmet Pizza is on of our favorite places to eat!  They always try and support people in their communities.  This week they are celebrating teachers.  If you are a teacher be sure to visit Boston's for some AWESOME food!!!
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As a thank you to all those of our clients in the SLC, UT area, we have attached an e-ticket to the What A Woman Wants Show this weekend!  Please print as many as you would like... and enjoy the show!
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