I have been married almost 10 years and we have had our ups and downs like all marriages.  Some downs have been due to our communication and finances.  It is hard to take two independent people and get them on the same track with their communication and finances.  In our marriage we have our home responsibilities split up.  He takes care of the retirement goals, such as life insurance, retirement planning, estate planning; and I take care of the day to day tasks, such as our budget, taxes, and home organization.   

                This has worked out well for us, except when we need to explain the intricacies of our specific tasks to the other partner.  Usually something minimal is not communicated and the other gets lost in translation.  We thought that something was wrong with us and that most people communicate well with each other, but found that this was not the case.  Ed, my hubby, is a financial counselor, and while meeting with other families noticed that most people have the same problem that we did.  One or the other spouse takes care of some part or all of the home responsibilities and the other gets left in the dark. 

                The sad part is that he started coming across family after family with sad stories that could have been avoided if the family would have taken action to get their home responsibilities in order.  Here are some of the sad stories he came across:

  • Ed talked to a close friend about health insurance.  This individual decided that they couldn’t afford health insurance at this point in life and believed that nothing bad would happen.  A week later this individual was admitted into the hospital and diagnosed with cancer.  She is now in financial ruin.
  • A good friend of ours parked her car in her garage, locked up her house, and went to bed for the night.  In the morning, she found that a burglar had broken into her garage, then into her locked car and stole her purse.  We talked to her 1 year after the incident and she was still trying to clear up the mess from having all her personal information stolen.   
               Well, we got sick of it!  These stories are not uncommon!  These things happen to friends, family, and even ourselves!

                Marc, Ed, Kelli, and I knew that something needed to change, but did not know where to start.  One day, while surfing facebook, we came across the quote, “How do you eat an elephant?....  One bite at a time.”  It was like a light bulb went off!  

                   We knew we could help people organize their lives if they did it one step at a time.  52 Weeks to Prosperous Living was born!  We took numerous financial organization and life organization programs and we organized and separated everything out over 52 weeks.  Then we researched each topic for each week in order to make sure the most up to date/accurate information would be available to our clients.  52 Weeks to Prosperous Living has not only helped my family’s life organization, but is now helping families all across America.     

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