Most people have at least heard of food storage.  It seems to be one of those things that people either don’t understand, don’t want to understand, or simply procrastinate.  Why would we want to store food anyway?  We can buy most anything at a grocery store and who wants to store food and then have it go bad?  Well… I tried to think of a few reasons why food storage is important.  If you think of others please post them below.

Here are the reasons I came up with for food storage:

1.    Natural Disasters: 
  • Remember the tsunami in Japan a few years ago?  Do you remember all the people in Hawaii rushing to the grocery stores to get the supplies and food they needed?  I do!  I remember hearing on the news about the stores in Hawaii completely empty because of the people panicking in order to obtain food and water for safety.  How many of us live day to day or week to week with food?  If a natural disaster happens like a sunammi, earthquake, fire, or something else… what is your plan?  Do you have a plan?  If you have children, what are you going to tell them when they are hungry?  Food storage is a way to plan for those events that we do not see coming.  Think of it is your insurance policy for natural disasters.  

2.    Economic Crisis:
  • Well… most of us just need to look around to realize that we are in an economic crisis.  How much stress would be off your shoulders if you knew you didn’t need to worry about food, all you needed to worry about was keeping or finding a job.  The thing is you do not have to be in a time of plenty to start food storage!  You can start by doing small things!  One of my favorite sites, www.foodstoragemadeeasy.net, teaches people how to start food storage and have it not break your bank with small easy steps.  Think of the stress you could eliminate if you had food, water, and necessities already stored in your home.  This brings me to the next reason for food storage…. The health benefits!    

3.    Health Benefits:
  • Health benefits from food storage?!?!?  I know… you probably think I am crazy… but think about it…  When you are stressed how is your health?  Is your health good or bad?  Another health benefit is…. You eat cleaner.  Ok… now I know you really think I am crazy!  No really, by storing food you need to learn about food.  You need to learn about grains, legumes, and baking ingredients. Why... because these are the items that store.  By starting your food storage you will learn about food and what to store and put into your body.  How is that a bad thing?  

4.     Everyday Emergency:
  • I don’t know how many times my food storage has saved me!!!  I am not talking the life threatening instances… but I am talking about those times when…ladies… that time of the month happens and you need protection.  Yes… food storage includes those items too.  Instead of frantically running to the store and risking a flaskback from the movie “Dirty Love” you can rest assured that you are safe at your home.  

I hope you can see the benefits of food storage.  It is not a waste but can truly be a lifesaver in several instances.  For more information on how to start your food storage visit www.foodstoragemadeeasy.net for everything you need to get started.  

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