You know the importance of a 72 hour kit.  The only problem now is where do you store your 72 hour kit?  The first thing you need to do is evaluate your life.  Where do you spend most of your time?  Depending on where you spend most of your time will determine where you want to keep your 72 hour kit.  After evaluating where you spend your time determine which option of storage would work best for your 72 hour kit.  

1.   Your coat closet -  If you spend most of your time close to home then we recommend storing your 72 hour kit in your front coat closet.  The majority of houses have a coat closet close to the front door. Many people have taken a coat hanger and inserted the head of the hanger through the top loop of the back pack. It is nice having your 72 hour kit so close to the front door, when the emergency strikes and your home or close to home you will enjoy having easy access to your emergency supply's . When you are dealing with a Grab-&-Go situation time is of the essence and you don't want to be shuffling under boxes to find your 72-Hour Kit. If you do not have a coat closet, just have your 72-Hour Kits in a close location to the front door or garage. The key is to make it as easy as possible so you won’t be dealing with any delays.

2.  Your Car - Most of us do not know where we will be when a disaster happens, but most likely the odds of you having your car around you can provide you with a great location to store your 72-Hour Kit. Just picture, no matter where you go you tend to have your car with you. 

3.  No coat closet and no car - Everyone's situation is different, you might not have a car or you might not have a closet. But we all can judge our own situations & find the best option for storing your 72 hour kits. It might take a little creativity but I am sure you can think of somewhere to store your kit. 

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