We have been watching this company for a little bit.... ok we are stalking them on Facebook!  But let's be honest... Who isn't!?!?!?  They are funny, motivational, and I could go on and on.  If you haven't heard of them... then you are in for a treat!  We decided to do a little write up on them to help you get acquainted.  Enjoy!

52 Weeks: So, Sweaty Betties... How did you get started?

Sweaty Betties:  The Sweaty Betties started as an idea to do videos and make fitness FUN. I was a fitness competitor and personal trainer and fitness had started to become something I would dread rather than something I loved (like I used to) I started it with a friend who is no longer doing it, but the mission and message is still the same: to inspire, motivate, and educate-- Don't Be a B!tch

52 Weeks:  That is AWESOME!!!  It is so easy to get burned out!  It is nice that you can bring your personal experiences in as well.  That brings me to my next question... Why do people LOVE Sweaty Betties?... besides the obvious reasons.  :) 

Sweaty Betties:  I think people love what it represents-- FUN. They love the challenges and the support they get from each other and people are always looking for more ways to get motivated, The Sweaty Betties is all about fun and motivation! 

52 Weeks:  I think one our favorite things from the Sweaty Betties is their inappropriate Friday photos!  They are hilarious!!!   What else makes you unique from other companies like yours?

Sweaty Betties:  What makes the Sweaty Betties unique is that we don't sugar coat anything and we don't have any agenda. We want to tell the truth about diets, diet products and programs that work/don't work. The reality is-- the things that work for one, won't work for all. We celebrate differences and we are just as excited about newbies as seasoned athletes. We aim to get fitness to the mainstream, not just the hard core gym rat. 

52 Weeks:  Well I was already sold!  :) But for those few that don't know you but want to hear more... How can they learn more?!?!!?

Sweaty Betties:  Please Please Please "LIKE" us on Facebook and Subscribe to the youtube channel
and of course you can find those links and MORE on our website www.thesweatybetties.com 

52 Weeks: Great!  Thank you for taking the time to speak to us today.  We look forward to seeing your photos and videos for a long time to come.  :)

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