One of the things you may run into as you gather your personal information is the absence of your social security card.  You may have a photocopy, but it is not uncommon to have lost the original or changed your name and not replaced your old card with an accurate and up to date card .  Well, this is how you get a replacement.

The first step is to obtain and complete a form SS-5.  You can do this one of 3 ways.  Click here for the form from our website, or go to SS-5 on the Social Security office.  If you don’t have a printer and need to obtain a hard copy, go to Social Security Office Locator and enter your zip code.  The website will then bring up the Social Security office closest to your location.  Go to the office and they’ll be able to give you a hard copy.

The next step is to, of course, complete the application.  Remember to complete the entire form.  If you do not, the Social Security Office cannot process your request.

The questions are self-explanatory.  Make sure your name filled out how you want it to appear on your card.  Unless you are changing your name, you should enter it the same way it appears on your birth certificate. 

The final step is to return the completed form to an agent at your local SSA office.  If filled out correctly, your new Social Security card will come in the mail within a week or two. 

A couple quick tips to avoid headache… Make sure and sign your application.  You wouldn’t believe how often this is forgotten J  Also double check the list of appropriate forms of identification needed to verify you are really you.  Usually a current and valid driver’s license or passport will work.  If you’re helping take care of this for a minor, you’ll still need to bring proper identification for yourself as well as the minor.  Only original or certified copies of photo ID will be accepted.

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