Every once in a while we run across companies that are AWESOME!  Summers' Cottage is on of those companies!  And because some companies are just to good to keep to ourselves... we had to share!  Here is more about Summers' Cottage....
52 Week: "Lori, how did Summers' Cottage get started?"

Lori Summers: "I tried to find satin pillowcases because mine were wearing out and couldn't find them at any local stores.  I decided to make myself a set.  After telling a few friends that I had made them, they each wanted a set.  From there I realized if I love them and can't find them there must be others that can't find them either."

52 Weeks: "So, What are some of the benefits of your product... pillowcases?"  :)

Lori Summers: "The main benefits of sleeping on satin pillowcases are... You don't wake up with the sheet wrinkle, that can become permanent wrinkles, satin doesn't cause friction as you move your head through the night making it so your hair doesn't break off as easily, and satin also doesn't draw the moisture out of your skin, which is helpful in this dry climate.

52 Weeks: "Awesome!  Your pillows are so soft!  We love them!!!!  But Why do other people LOVE your product?"

Lori Summers:  "Besides the benefits listed above, my pillowcases are a little more elegant with the decorated trim piece on the cuff.  I make the pillowcases a little longer than most pillowcases so the pillow doesn't show."

52 Weeks: "K... We are SOLD!  How and Where can we buy some?!?!?!?!"

Lori Summers: "My website is mysatinpillowcases.com or email @ loriannsummers@yahoo.com.  With this I can send out a paypal invoice."

52 Weeks: "Great!!!  Thank you so much Lori for taking the time to speak with us."  

Please check out Summers' Cottage online!  These pillowcases are great and would make great gifts as well!  

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