One of the signature signs of a good advisor is the ability to rely on him or her for timely callbacks.  This clearly demonstrates a few characteristics that you should demand in any advisor, especially if they are handling your money and/or family's security.  By calling you back in a timely manner, they show you that you are a priority not to be put on the back burner.  It also shows that they are doing something to get you an answer to your question, even if they may not have the answer immediately. 

Especially in today's technological environment with the ability to communicate easily and quickly through text messages and emails, there is absolutely no excuse for advisors to leave clients hanging without any response for long periods of time, unless they do not care about losing that client!

6/5/2013 08:38:40 pm

I agree with each and every conclusions made on this topic. It is really very informative. Thanks for sharing.


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