What do you do when you find something AMAZING?!?!?!?  Well most people do one of two things; they share it with everyone they know, or they don’t tell a soul in order to save it for themselves.  :)

When we created 52 Weeks to Prosperous Living we wanted to create something that would help people for the better.  We wanted it to be AMAZING and for people to love it!  In order to do this we needed to fill needs.  In the words of Bigweld from the movie Robots, “See a need, fill a need!”  Is there a need for life organization?....  Yes!!!!

Needs we saw:

                -No one has their life organized

                -Very few are prepared or understand what will happen when disasters happen

                -There is no time to sit down and really plan for the future

                -The cost of life organization can be a huge burden to families

So, we are trying to “Fill a need.”

                -Little steps to do during a week in order to organize your life

                -Make a program available to everyone that will not be a burden financially to

                those we are trying to help.

In order to accomplish our goal we need to listen to our audience.  In order to listen to our audience we need our audience to talk to us.  So, we need you in order to make this a win/win relationship.  J  We need you either to share this program with others in order to fill their needs as well, or to share your input on how to make this program better in order to fill your needs. 

We are here for you in order to make this program AMAZING!  We want you to be the kind of person that shares this program with everyone you know because your needs are being met and you want the people you care about to have their needs met too.  If this program is meeting your needs please share it with those you love because you care about them.  If this program is not meeting your needs please let us know how we can improve in order to meet your needs.  We are striving to fill all of your life organization needs. 

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