401k Alternatives

The most common retirement options available to employees are through 401k's.  While these certainly have their place, many are not aware of alternatives that have significant advantages over the 401k.  For example, if an individual has a 401k option through their employer that matches up to 4%, but wishes to contribute more, let's say 10%, they should be aware of some options that will likely yield better returns in the long run and protect their money better as well. 

They can simply contribute the 4% that the employer will match, and take the other 6% and contribute that to a retirement vehicle that will protect the investment from any losses, and allow them to take the money TAX-FREE when they need it in retirement.  A 401k is a tax-deferred retirement vehicle, but if you are of the belief like I am that taxes are VERY LIKELY to increase in the future, the end result will be paying more taxes in the future than you would in the present.

This may seem a bit confusing, but a trusted advisor can help you to make sense of it all.  For now, suffice it to say that there are excellent alternatives to the 401k that protect your money better, allow for excellent growth potential, and have great tax advantages.  Please contact us for more details or a free consultation at info@prospersbs.com.

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