As we come down to the last minute on our Christmas deadlines, I thought I’d take a moment to talk about some money saving and budgeting tips for last minute Christmas activities.  So, here are ten tips for down to the wirte savings:

1.     If you haven’t sent out Christmas cards yet, don’t send cards… send postcards.  They are typically less expensive and definitely require less postage than a regular card!

2.     Don’t buy new Christmas decorations this year.  Use your old ones and then go for it after Christmas.  You can purchase your new decorations for next year on the cheap with the after Christmas sales.  Just a little delayed gratification!

3.     Things like a string of cranberries or popcorn are very inexpensive ways to decorate your tree, plus it will be a fun memory for you kids.  You can even make your own ornaments with construction paper, glue, tape, scissors, and some markers, crayons, and glitter.

4.     Instead of going to the movies, catch up on the rental dvd’s from Netflix and Blockbuster and Redbox.  Use the same popcorn you are using for stringing up popcorn.  One for me, one for you…

5.     Another fun activity, and very inexpensive at that, is a gingerbread house decoration party.  Everyone can bring an item to use decorating and you can see who comes up with the best design. 

Christmas is all about being with your loved ones and spreading peace and good will, so remember that the hustle and rush of the malls and black Friday aren’t going to as important as the memories and warm feelings created by being together.

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