Keeping track of what you own is very important in case a disaster should strike. Never let the cost of home inventory programs keep you from using a home inventory software program. Consider these free alternatives instead.

The Best Free Home Inventory Software

One of the best free home inventory software programs that we have found is….. StuffSafe.com. StuffSafe is a free, online inventory tracking website. 

It is so easy to set up your inventory on StuffSafe!  All you need to do is:

·         Register/create an account. Once again… It is FREE!!!!   (Just like the 52 Week program!) 

·         Create a location. (Home, Apartment, Vacation Home, Work… the list is endless)

·         Choose the rooms within each location in which you want to inventory your belongings. For your home, you would add the living room, bedrooms, kitchen, etc.

·         Create the inventory of your belongings for each room.

This step-by-step method helps you stay organized and breaks the task down into manageable parts. You create an inventory of one room at a time until you have entered everything you own.

Since all you need is a web browser, StuffSafe works with all operating systems. You can also leave your inventory online, (in case your computer burns down with your house… then you can still access it!!!) or you can download a list of your items to save on your computer and/or print out.

This sounds great… But what are the Pros and Cons

The main advantage to storing your home inventory online is that your records are kept away from where theft or damage is most likely to occur - your home. A well-kept home inventory stored on your computer is of no use if your computer crashes or burns up in a fire. The downside to storing a home inventory in any online program is that your inventory could be stolen by a hacker and a potential burglar could learn exactly what is inside your home. The odds are slim that this would happen or that using this software would raise the likelihood of your home being targeted by thieves.

Home Inventory Templates

If you are more inclined to a template then… You can use ours!  We have created a template at 52 Weeks to Prosperous Living that you are free to use in completing your home inventory.  You can download at the end of this article.

Keep your Inventory List Secure

Remember… A home inventory is worthless if you can't find it when you need it -- even if you use the best free home inventory software. If you save your home inventory list on your own computer, be sure to back up your list in case something happens to your computer. You can:

·         Burn your inventory to a CD or DVD and save the disc in a secure location such as a safe deposit box at your bank.

·         Print your inventory and save it somewhere safe outside of your home. (safe deposit box, or somewhere you trust)

·         E-mail your inventory to a friend or family member so that it's saved outside of your home.

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