Many of Today's Health Insurance Policies contain deductibles, and it is likely that the trend towards higher deductibles will continue. So how do you know what is the right deductible for you?

The Basics

Health insurance policies with deductibles require the customer to pay the entire cost of treatment up to a specific dollar amount before the carrier will begin contributing.


By requiring customers to pay for the first portion of their treatment costs, the likelihood of unnecessary procedures will be reduced, and the cost of care for each individual customer will be lower. The result is a reduction in premiums for customers and lower claims payments for carriers.

Choosing a Deductible

Larger deductibles mean smaller monthly premium payments for Health insurance coverage. It is essential to prevent financial difficulty in the future you must pick a plan that fits in your budget. If you are looking into a plan with a high deductible be aware that your out of pocket cost in an emergency may be higher. Plan and save for such Emergencies. If you are still wary of which plan will best fit for you make sure to contact Marc and Ed. (855-876-5252)

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