By: Ed Kinsey

I was reading the other day and came across an article about a woman who thought she had a computer virus.  She was sure her personal information had been stolen.  Her email wouldn’t show any new messages, or old ones, for that matter.  Her Facebook wasn’t sending any friend requests or event invitations.  Not even her MySpace page was showing any activity.  After multiple long conversations with customer service reps, a Google consultant finally informed her “There’s nothing wrong with your internet service or your computer, You’re just a loser.”  (  True story!  This gal just hadn’t developed enough of a relationship with anyone to have anyone seek out any contact with her. 

This story made me think.  Life is busy and we can get so caught up in ourselves and just keeping up that many of us run the same risk of… becoming losers.  We spend so much time protecting ourselves and our information, competing for the new promotion, and checking our Facebook’s that our society seems to be drifting off; losing contact with reality and with each other. 

In our Sunday school lesson the teacher mentioned this same concept.  The teacher is 32 years old and his father was born in the 60’s.  They talked about how it was back when you had to go visit your neighbor to check on them.  How you actually talked to someone, face to face, with real words, not LOL’s, IDK’s, and LMFAO’s.  IDK but I bet if you visited your neighbor, just to LOL for a minute in person, they’d probably think WTF and say OMG just because you stopped by. 

I guess this is my call to action for everyone this week to not be a loser.  Being a loser isn’t about not being successful, rich, or famous.  It’s about not caring about others and showing it… it’s about not being someone that people want to be around… it’s about not doing anything to make a difference in somebody else’s life beyond your own.

So don’t be a loser!  Find a way to make a difference for someone else.  Take an old friend out to lunch just to catch up, bring your secretary or boss flowers or diet Coke or something, maybe just say hello in person using your big boy or big girl words rather than texting or IM’ing them.  I believe we all have the power within us to change the world, even if it’s just for a moment with a neighbor or colleague.  Go change it!

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