A bank draft reminder record is a great way to make sure that all charges being taken out of our account(s) are legitimate and accounted for.  On several occasions, I have ran into charges that continued for several months after they should have been discontinued.  It is either impossible or, at the very least, a terrible hassle to attempt to retrieve money that has been withdrawn from your account dating back several months or more.  A bank draft reminder record will help you to spot illegitimate drafts immediately and take care of them before the situation is out of control! 

A bank draft reminder record also helps you to keep track of HOW MUCH money should be taken out each month for various expenses.  This allows you to IMMEDIATELY detect a draft amount that is extremely high and get that taken care of immediately.  A few years ago we had a cell phone bill that was extremely high for a few months in a row.  Little did we know that we were being charged for overage text messages when we thought that our plan was unlimited.  To make a long story short, we wasted several hundred dollars simply by losing track of our account.  We could have upgraded our plan to unlimited at any time for $10 a month!!

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