A bank draft reminder record allows you to monitor how much you are paying for your various insurance policies and, with the help of a trusted advisor, pinpoint where some modifications can be made.  I speak with people about insurance policies every day and most are not aware of exactly how much they are paying. 

For example, life insurance is probably the most common "out of sight, out of mind" type of insurance policy.  Many bought a policy several years ago but have little if any recollection of the terms of the policy, how long the policy and payment will remain level, or how much they are paying currently.  Just by digging a little deeper, it is usually discovered that the policy they have is outdated and could easily be upgraded for little or no extra premium!! 

So please fill out the bank draft reminder form so that when you have your annual consultation with your insurance advisor, you will have the information readily available.  As a result, it will be much easier to determine where improvements can be made to get you and your family on track and save money!!  

Bank Draft Reminder Record
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