Today is National Work-A-Holic's Day!!!  Don't worry... If you are a Work-A-Holic you are not alone!  There is HELP!!!!  I happen to be one of you!  I work... and work... and work some more.  Since today is National Work-a-holics day I thought I would post an article to help those of us workaholics who need/want help.  Hope you enjoy!

We have come up with a few different strategies to help you overcome your workaholism.  The key is making time away from your work... and I mean totally away from work... to get your life back in balance. Yes, It will take some effort on your part, and perhaps even the part of a friend or spouse in order to make the shift from a sole focus on work, but for your mental and physical well-being, you really should make the effort.

So, Here are 7 ways to combat workaholism:  
  1. Block out "personal time" to spend with family and (non-work) friends.
  2. Learn how to delegate your work -- and learn to say no to new assignments (or at least learn not to be the first to volunteer to take the assignment).
  3. Take time off, perhaps starting with a long weekend and gradually moving up to longer vacations -- and leave work behind.
  4. Volunteer in the community around you.  This will help others and help you meet new people.
  5. Convince yourself that it is okay to sometimes just sit and relax and do nothing.  (This is a hard one... I know!)
  6. Fight the urge that everything you do must be perfect -- to your standards.
  7. If you find yourself not able to do any of these suggestions, consider getting professional help to deal with what is basically an addiction.

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