1- Having Less means Learning to need Less

We tend to think that we need more to live more comfortably. The world around us would like us to believe that we need certain items to make our lives easier. So we purchase these items and find we have no room for these items. Taking time to go through all these items can be a wake up call. We can get rid of the items that really we never use and save money by realizing we don't need these items to begin with.

2- Wealth Requires Health

We need to be healthy in order to do the work it takes to make money. When you have clutter and things around that can collect dust and mold it creates allergens that can make us unhealthy. A general cleanup and reorganization can help you get back to your healthy, Productive self.

3- Organization Is Beneficial-and Contagious

Once you have started to organize your home you will find that things are easier to find, everyday tasks take less time and life runs more smoothly. That will carry over to your attitude and will in turn carry over to your work. Once you start to get organized it is hard to live any other way.

4- Do A Home Inventory While you De-clutter

It is at this time that it is best to decide what stays and what goes. While you are doing this you take make your Home inventory of the belongings you are going to keep and what the value of these items are. We always want this Home inventory in case of a loss, theft or disaster. This will help the insurance companies cover anything that you claim.

5- Make some Money

When you are done with the Keep and the toss you can sell the things of value that you decide aren't benefitting you. Have a Garage sale. Make sure that you save the profits so it can help you organize your finances as well.

6- Eliminate storage fees

Once you eliminate excess clutter in your home you may find that you have more room for the things that you have had in a storage facility. Clean out the storage facility and keep the things again that will be beneficial in your life. Eliminate that monthly payment and again save that money.

7- Eliminate the need to buy Duplicates

As you are cleaning out all those nooks and crannies you may come across those items you thought that you had lost forever. If those items are important to you it will eliminate the reason for you to have to spend money on a replacement.

8- Increase Heating and cooling efficiency

Filling your house with to much stuff can restrict the right air flow. You may discover that your air ducts are partially or completely blocked. This makes your systems work harder which makes the costs rise. opening up the spaces will make a difference in your bills.


Now that you have eliminated clutter you may find you have to much room in your house. You may find that the space you once thought was too small is actually the right size. we always tend to think that we need more. instead of filling that space with clutter. consider moving into something more affordable and efficient.

10- Increase your Home's potential Value

If you are considering moving the best way to show a house is getting rid of the junk. People will be able to see it's potential when it is not cluttered getting you the best price. 

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