There are many reasons why you should have strong Passwords and Protect them.

Your email for example is the gateway into your personal information including web Banking, investments,and other websites that store your personal information online.

Avoid weak passwords like:

-change me
-having the same user name and Password
-sequences such as abcd, 1234, and abc123
- the last four digits of your social
-your Birthday or the birthday of someone close to you

Create a Strong Password with combination of the following:
- Mix Capital and lowercase letters, Numbers, and punctuation
-Create passwords that are over 8 characters long.
- Use the first letters from a phrase or sentence that you can remember.
- Substitute numbers, misspellings, and punctuation into phrase and sentence. 

Now that you have a Strong Password you need to Protect it!
- Do not tell it to anyone.
- Never put it in an email, chat or instant message.
- Do not type your password on computers that you do not control.
- Do not use the same password for every e-mail account or website.
- Change your password regularly.

When you have reminder questions about your password LIE!!! When asked by a website that you trust to provide your Mothers maiden name, name of first pet, fathers first job, the city you were born in or zip code, Do not give an honest answer. Create a fake history for  yourself with funny answers that you will be able to remember. It is possible for a lot to be learned from someone by reading information they have posted in casual conversations  
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