I have kept the user manuals for EVERYTHING for a long time.  I actually have several boxes of user manuals, but in writing this article I came across a web site that just freed up A LOT of space in my house!!!

I am talking about Manualsonline.com!  They are a website that is designed to carry every user manual out there.  No more searching though box after box looking for a manual when something doesn’t work!  The best part is… I can look up manuals for free!  Another really cool feature is I can store my manuals online… on my page.  This is great for designating what manuals I have… so I don’t have to look them up latter.  (I love to save time)  Also, I can keep track of what I have just in case a disaster does happen.  (You never know when something will happen)

So, if you haven’t checked them out… maybe you should.  They are Manualsonline.com.  Hopefully they can free up some extra space in your house… as they did mine!  J